How I can help

Thirty something years of learning about and working in and with teams to make progress that matters

Get 'unstuck'

Being stuck is that feeling of running on the hamster wheel as fast as you can, and yet seeming to get nowhere. I can help get you off the wheel and understand what's blocking your progress.

Define Purpose

All effective teams have a strong shared sense of what they are trying to achieve together. I can help your team discover and distill what this is for them.

Develop strategy

Strategy is simply about defining how you put your Purpose into action. I can help you define what are you going to do, and equally importantly, what are you not going to do.

Align and motivate your team

A team that is not aligned is a group of people with different agendas, pulling in different directions. I can help ensure that Purpose and Strategy is shared and understood, and that the team is motivated to work together to put them into action.

Think beyond business as usual

It can be hard to find time to lift your head up from the daily grind of 'getting it done' to think about change. I can help develop pathways of change from where you are now to where you would like to be.

Execute successfully

Strategy without execution is just theory. I can help you turn strategy into action plans, and understand what it will take to execute successfully

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