Facilitation is about creating an environment where teams can have the conversations they need to have, and make the decisions they need to make, even when these might be hard or uncomfortable.
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My role as facilitator is to:

Design a process

that structures the necessary conversations in the most productive way for your team and can shift shape when necessary. This can be in person, or on-line.

Establish an environment where everyone feels able to be heard

and everyone’s contribution is treated with respect.

Create space that stimulates conversation

and where people are encouraged to share and build on each other’s thinking

Introduce new perspectives,

and encourage ‘intelligently naïve’ questions and thinking

Encourage 'we can if' thinking

by keeping the focus on what it will take rather than the reasons something can't be done.

Help teams commit

to what direction they are going to take, how they are going to work together and the implications for what they do, and don’t do as a team.

A facilitator can be useful when a group is:

  • Stuck and having difficulty identifying the problem and making progress
  • Needing to respond to change and requiring new perspectives
  • Not working together effectively or not fully aligned
  • Struggling to agree on what progress looks like and how to achieve it
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