Rachel Taulelei

Developing a 10 year strategy for Kono, linked to Te Pae Tawhiti, their 500 year intergenerational vision.
Kate navigated the landscape with enormous empathy, and we benefitted no end from her experience, knowledge, strategic thinking, and creativity.

The work we did with Kate was brilliant. We are a complex business, operating a number of verticals within the primary industry, and exporting to upwards of 25 economies around the world. Add to this that we are part of a group, we have multiple locations through the country, and we’re a Māori organisation and you have a kaleidoscope of factors to take into consideration.

One thing that really stood out for me was the degree to which Kate genuinely cared about the people she was working with, and the future of the work we were creating. I’m not sure anyone else could have got us to the finish line. I would recommend inviting Kate into your business any day of the week.

Rachel Taulelei
CEO, Kono
Learning about business from the perspective of Te Ao Māori

Kono is a Māori owned food and beverage business headquartered in Nelson and Blenheim.  It was clear from the start that this was going to be a special project – how many clients start with a 500 year intergenerational vision?

I  was lucky enough to work with Rachel and her team over a period of months, to get to know them as people and the nuts and bolts of their business.  The crux of the project was to get to the heart what mattered, particularly what mattered to Kono as a Māori business, to understand the linkages between the five intergenerational outcomes that were being sought for the families who own Kono,  and what therefore a 10 year business strategy should look like.

It was at the same time an extremely  challenging and rewarding project, very complex with lots of dynamics at play.  Each of the businesses runs seperately and each has it’s quirks and challenges, yet the ask was for a strategy for Kono as a whole.

My most valuable learnings were  about Te Ao Māori and how applying matauranga Māori changes how we think about what’s important in business, particularly in terms of thinking long-term about community and environmental outcomes.

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