Kim Thorp

Kim and I have worked together pretty much since I stepped off the plane’ in Aotearoa - almost continuously through our collective time at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington and on a number of projects since.
Client Kim Thorp
Kate has a remarkable ability to ensure all inputs are heard and captured whilst at the same time driving relentlessly to an outcome that is always succinct and clear and often quite surprising.

It seems to me some strategists and planners enjoy the journey far more than getting to the outcome. Kate is not one of those.

Sitting around a table with Kate at the helm is always a very rewarding and involving experience.

She is exceedingly smart with ‘Marketing Wikipedia’ between her ears while at the same time being completely open to a challenge without ego, prepared to change course when that seems wise and at the same time being thoroughly enjoyable company.

Kim Thorp
Former Executive Creative Director and Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi NZ
With Kim I learned what needed to change between how I had been taught to operate in London, and how I needed to change in order to work effectively in Aotearoa.

I arrived in Auckland in 1995 having visited once for two days, and knowing almost nothing about NZ.  I had watched ‘Once Were Warriors’ and been given a glossy coffee table book containing photographs of beautiful landscapes.  I did know a little about the All Blacks as I was a rugby fan.  I had a lot to learn.

Although I initially joined S&S in Auckland, it quickly became apparent that I was much more in tune with the team in Wellington.  When I moved down, I became part of Kim’s team.  As a planner and a strategist, if you are lucky enough to work with really talented creative people, your job is fairly easy.  You simply have  to create fertile ground for  ideas that will work for the client and you have to help sell  strategy and the ideas.

This means that firstly you have to be able to build relationships of trust with creatives and with clients.

You have to be able to simplify and identify what’s important and where opportunity might lie.

You have to be open and prepared to play with ideas that might come from left field.

And you have to be able to see and explain how a strategy or an idea might work and help shape it to do so.

I have been able to hone all these skills in my time working with Kim plus learning so much about what it means to be a kiwi and call this place home.

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