George Hickton

I’ve worked with George for more than 15 years, first in his capacity as CEO of Tourism New Zealand and more recently in his role as Board Director across a number of organisations and businesses.
george hickton
When I was CEO of Tourism New Zealand, Kate facilitated a number of key strategic sessions as we sought to further develop the impact of the global 100% Pure New Zealand campaign.

Subsequently, through my involvement in a number of other tourism and related businesses, Kate has facilitated pivotal sessions in organisational strategy development.

I believe Kate’s background as a strategist and subsequent work representing consultancy eatbigfish have given her a unique perspective on how a business can successfully establish its relevance to customers which she imparts through a collaborative process involving the organisations’ management and/or Boards.

In addition to being a highly skilled facilitator she adds significant value through her intimate knowledge of strategic principles. Her summary reports become important working documents for organisations to action.”

George Hickton
Company Director and former CEO, Tourism New Zealand
Working with George has given me a front row seat on what good leadership looks like

My first project with George was co-facilitating a session for the Tourism New Zealand SLT with Adam Morgan of eatbigfish. The global team gathered for a 3 day session in a hotel right beside Route 405 in LA, a weird but somehow fitting location in which to discuss how to further develop the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign.

As well as being one of the most enjoyable projects Adam and I ever worked on (Adam still talks about it), it also gave me first hand experience of what can happen when a team comes together behind an idea and a mission that they care deeply about, and a leader who they strongly respect and believe in.

George and members of his team subsequently involved me in a number of related projects including the facilitation of a major project for Tourism New Zealand/Air New Zealand project focussed on the US market.

Since George left Tourism New Zealand, he has involved me in various other projects for organisations he is involved with including for Hawke’s Bay Tourism, the Weta Group of companies, World of Wearable Art and, most recently, Te Puia.

When I get a call from George I always know that it will be a challenging, enjoyable and educative experience. I feel honoured to be on George’s list of people to call when he has a problem that needs cracking.

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