Lucinda Warren

Working with the Senior Leadership Team on strategy to drive profitable global growth for Vitaco.
lucinda warren
Kate has a gift for navigating bold objectives characterised by complex dynamics.

Her facilitation style adds real value by quickly enabling a group of experienced leaders to distill and articulate important elements, identify implications and develop realistic scenarios and planning disciplines.

Kate has a knack for absorbing the brief, asking the right questions to refine objectives and ensures her facilitation truly delivers on the desired outcomes. Her style as a facilitator is confident, but not dominant, enabling the team to work strongly together in a way that can be naturally sustained beyond the facilitated meeting.

Kate brings a genuine and intelligent agility to her facilitation skills. She is simultaneously gentle, empathetic, strong and courageous – essential in realising the potential for a table of diverse and passionate leaders.

Lucinda Warren
Chief People & Culture Officer, Vitaco
Helping provide focus for a complex business operating across segments and markets

Vitaco began life as Healtheries in NZ in 1904. It is now Australasia’s leading health food, supplements and sports nutrition company and is also a global supplier through partnerships in the Asia Pacific, Europe, UK, USA and the Middle East.

Vitaco has five brands in all: Healtheries in supplements and health food, NutraLife in supplements and Musashi, Aussie Bodies and Balance in sports nutrition.

The range of markets that Vitaco serves, the number of brands and the regulatory environment for supplements means that the business has a high degree of complexity and its critical for the leadership team to be able to identify and agree where and how to focus resource and effort in order to generate the desired financial results.

I facilitated strategic off-sites for Vitaco’s Senior Leadership Team in 2017, 2018 and 2019 with sessions scheduled for 2020 and 2021 but cancelled due to lockdowns. These bring has together executives based in Australia, NZ and China.

The benefit of on-going involvement for me has been developing a deeper understanding of the complexities of the business and the strategic issues it faces, and a relationship of trust and respect with the people involved. I have my fingers crossed that at some stage I will be able to work face-to-face with the team again!

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