Purpose & Strategy

Purpose distills what a team is trying to achieve; strategy sets out how purpose will be put into action.
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Each project is custom designed to fit the specific needs of the client.

My focus is always on what it is going to take for this particular team to move forward, what is the strategic conversation we need to have and what might be getting in the way.

This means meeting the client where they are, understanding the specifics of their situation and their thinking and the business and human dynamics involved.

Whilst I have a core process, I do not favour a 'sausage machine' approach. Over 30 years, I have built up and road tested a range of frameworks and methodologies that I use to shape strategic conversations and generate ideas, strategies and plans.

Most strategy projects will include some or all of the following:

Start from where you are

Identify the reality of the challenges and opportunities you face, the work that has already been done and what you want to build on

Ask good questions

Establish what success looks like for you, and what your barriers and sources of strength are

Facilitate strategic conversations

Share insights with the team. Workshop with them to build alignment, define Purpose, develop strategy and a plan.

Define Purpose

I generally use Purpose as a ‘North Star’ that can act as a strategic touchstone.

Develop strategy

Develop strategy that encapsulates what you need to start doing, stop doing, do more/better/differently and what capabilities and resource you need.

Create an actionable plan

Turn strategy into concrete plans - who, what, when, with what desired outcome
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